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Copyright 2000 Tara K. Harper.  All rights reserved.


Hailed as the most suspenseful and compelling novel in decades, Turtlewalker is a story of obsession and patience. Deeonne and the turtle, Green Kempii, must seek out the source of not only their own telepathic troubles, but of the plague that is decimating turtles everywhere.  And what begins as a simple quest for understanding between human and turtle becomes a nightmare struggle against an ancient evil sunk deep in the mud of time.

Chapter Excerpt

Review Quotes!

This story is dedicated to Ernest V. Curto, Ph. D.,
who probably wishes his name wasn't associated with or anywhere near this excerpt

Excerpt from Turtlewalker

Chapter 1

The water was a calm, flat mirror. Even reflections refused to move across that glistening expanse. But near the shore, where the mud was thick like chowder, a solitary shape shifted.  Slowly, with infinite caution, Green Kempii crawled out of the lake. His shell shed the thick soup as if it was made of wax, and his legs, short and wrinkled with decades of age, dug their toes slowly, but eagerly into the mud.

From the forest, Deeonne searched the banks with her gaze.  Green Kempii, she cried out.  Where are you?

I, Turtlewalker, he replied in her head.  The mental images he sent to her were cold and soggy, and she shivered as the impressions clung to her mind.

"In the mud?"  She spoke the words, but the image she projected to the green turtle was heavy with impatience.

The ...gorgeous...mud, he corrected.  He moved one leg so that he inched again toward the forest.

Deeonne, looking out at the edge of the lake, shifted from one foot to the other.  She glanced at the sun--the shadows were already high, and there was not much time left to reach the rest of her party.  "Kempii, can't you hurry?"

I...move with...haste, he returned gently.

The turtlewalker glanced again at the sky.  She had caught a glimpse now of his tiny shape in the distance and, judging by his present speed, it would take him hours to reach her position.  She could run down to pick him up, but he was so prickly about doing things for himself.  Better to let him work his own way up to meet her.  She watched him a moment more, then sighed and turned away.  

Praise for Turtlewalker

The plot is one of her best...The story is all, and it's a dandy...There's never a dull and seldom a dry moment...The plot is Harper at her adventurous, cat-and-mouse best."

- Chicagoawn Tribune

"Exciting and suspensful! Mesmerizing! An expertly written thriller that hangs you on the edge of each step, each movement, each word of the characters. This is Harper at her best, which is saying something."

- Daily Mews

"Brooding, goose-bumply, alarmingly compelling. A drama that hits home."

- Christian Science Mournitor

"It takes a really skillful storyteller to put people on the edge of their seats with a turtle."

-Lost Angeles Times Book Review

Copyright 2000 Tara K. Harper
All rights reserved.  It is illegal to reproduce or transmit in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, any part of this copyrighted file without permission in writing from Tara K. Harper.  Permission to download this file for personal use only is hereby granted by Tara K. Harper.

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