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Copyright 2005 Tara K. Harper.  All rights reserved.

Tara K. Harper
June 14, 2005

In which TKH can see again but can't figure out where she is...


I can see again!  After the Day of the Exploding Peaches, I had grown fairly worried that m right eye, which had taken the brunt of the blast, hadn't fared as well as the left eye, which had fully recovered.  I'm now back to what's considered normal vision in my right eye -- which is much less than I'm used to and still fuzzy, but I can live with it.  At least I can read again and no longer misinterpret "settle" as "saddle" so often -- a little sight problem that created havoc with my reading comprehension.

Other boring news:  I'm recovering from my third bout of pneumonia.  This time, it's complicated since my lungs and trachea are apparently colonized by bacteria.  (My father says it's like something out of my books.  I pointed out that my stories were based in reality, after all.)  All of which has given me something called "asthma-induced bronchitis."  Basically, I cough till I pass out.  It's an interesting sensation, at least.

On the positive side, my father was recently awarded a prestigious medal -- the 2004 Freund Marquardt Medal -- at the world quality conference in Seattle, Washington. It feels selfish to say how proud I am of him -- I mean, how can you be proud of someone else?  Isn't pride a personal thing, a selfish thing?  But it was grand to see him recognized by so many people for the national and international work he's done over the years.

As for the writing, yes, I'm working on the next Wolfwalker novel. I've thrown out the entire beginning (I think I was writing book #3).  I'm finding myself dinking around blindly on the guitar, asking myself questions as if interrogating myself will help my direction.  Eg, how did what I just wrote further the story?  What important concept have I introduced here that justifies this scene?  Am I rehashing an old character just to introduce the world concepts into the new book?  I finesse a scene I might cut, then curse myself for wasting my time, then curse my cursing because it can't be wasting my time if I'm making it better, even if I won't use it at all. I'm sitting out in the night, writing in the dark while rain soaks my hands and skin, but I'm not writing what I need.  I can't see what I need, and it's blinding.  

So, following Tara's Rules of Writing -- in particular:  when in doubt, delete -- I threw it all out.  I've also condensed two books into one.  Things seem much more clear now.

I'm not sure why people want to know what I do when I take a break, but here 'tis:  I'm finishing up the libretto for an opera, I've completed a baby quilt for my sister-in-law, I'm about halfway done with a quilt for my husband (I started it eight years ago but only this year found the perfect fabric for the banding).  I'm also hacking the jungle of trees and shrubs on the fenceline, dinking around a lot on the guitar, painting sporadically, and considering the construction of Chinese opera masks.  This is a pepper sauce and pickle year, so I'll be making my infamous TKO pepper sauce and Richard's Favorite Pickles as soon as the weather heats up.

Oh, and I'm auctioning off a character for charity at Inconjunction over the Fourth of July weekend.  So, if you'd like to have a villain (who dies horribly) or heroic supporting character (who may die tragically) named after you, get your bids ready.  If the bids are generous, I may be open to negotiating for a wolfwalker or wolf.

In the meantime, back to writing.

Copyright 2005 Tara K. Harper

All rights reserved.  It is illegal to reproduce or transmit in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, any part of this copyrighted file without permission in writing from Tara K. Harper.  Permission to download this file for personal use only is hereby granted by Tara K. Harper.

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