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      By Tara K. Harper

             1992, Del Rey/Ballantine
                 ISBN: 0-345-37161-5
                     Cover art by Edwin Herder

Kiondili Wae was a mutant: gray-skinned, black-haired, with silver mutant eyes...  Her telepathy was powerful, but raw and untrained.  Her uncanny flair for manipulating electromagnetic fields brought hardly more than disdain from her jealous peers.  Only her escape to Corson, the research outpost, gave her hope of a future away from the slavelike job pools.  And that research posting--the one of her dreams--was on a faster-than-light starship drive.

But false accusations and misunderstandings plagued Kiondili from the moment of her arrival.  Even the talents which had won her the job seemed to work against her at the outpost, alienating her coworkers and angering her boss's peers.  The project began to fail, and Kiondili was right in the middle of that failure.  Without a successful FTL drive, the federation of alien races would lock humanity forever from the stars.  And Kiondili would bear some of that blame.

With not only her skills but her own history jeopardizing her future, Kiondili had to act.  Somehow she would have to show them--that she could rise above their expectations, that she could fit in with the team, and most of all, that she could make the FTL drive a success!

Review Quotes:

"...light, well-written, wish-fulfillment fantasy..."

                - Lysator Reviews

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